In 2015, the organization established the Get Your Life Back Grant program, which provides scholarships to women who have survived domestic abuse and are looking to a make better life for themselves and their children. The foundation gives special consideration to single mothers who have left their abusive partners and are struggling to support their children on their own. The average scholarship amount ranges between $500 to $1,000 per recipient. Scholarship funds can only be use towards tuition or registration. Scholarship awarded to recipient will expire and forfeited if not claimed, used by the 90th day of received date. The check will be made payable to the technical school or college recipient is enroll/attending, not the recipient.

Eligibility Requirements:

Review and confirm that all of the following eligibility criteria are all true.

Applicant must be a female and a survivor of domestic abuse

Applicant must have been out of an abusive relationship for six months before applying.

Applicant must be considered low-income according to federal poverty guidelines.

Applicant must be a resident of Florida

Applicant must be free of alcohol abuse for the past six months

Applicant have not used any illegal substances within the past six months

Applicant must have a high school diploma or a GED

Applicant must have a strong desire to better herself through higher education

Applicant must be enrolled in a university, technical and/or vocational program

Applicant must display leadership abilities

Applicant must be a legal citizen or resident of the United States

All scholarships must be used towards recipient's tuition and or educational expenses

All applications must be submitted by a non-profit domestic violence organization on behalf of the abused woman

The FYWF's Get Your Life Back Grant scholarship award period runs from June first through the end of September of each calendar year. Scholarship will expire or forfeited if not claimed, used by the 90th day of received date.

Applications are reviewed by a committee to determine the scholarship winners on a basis of financial need, academic performance, and leadership ability.


All applicants must be referred by advocates and are required to complete the application with their advocate. Applicants can access application via Phone calls will not be accepted from applicants directly.